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Cake cart pink lemonade 3 gram cart (sativa)


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  • 3-gram disposable vape pen
  • 2018 Farm Bill compliant containing
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum
  • Effect: Sativa
  • Form: Disposable
  • Delta 8
  • Live Resin

pink lemonade 3 gram cart (sativa)

Refresh Yourself with Pink Lemonade – Cake Cart 3 Gram Sativa.

Treat yourself to a burst of pink lemonade flavor with this sativa strain. Frosted forest green buds give off a sweet tart aroma that will have your mouth watering. Each smooth inhale saturates your tastebuds with zesty lemon-lime flavors for a refreshing and uplifting experience.

Effects of pink lemonade cake cart 3 gram cake cart

Energizing & Uplifting Pink Lemonade’s genetics give this strain an invigorating sativa-dominant profile perfect for daytime use. A long-lasting head high lifts your mood while providing motivation and creativity.

Enhances Focus & Productivity After the initial euphoric rush, a mellow body buzz keeps you going without weighing you down. Pink Lemonade’s clear-headed effects enhance concentration for work, projects or social activities.

Perfect Daytime Sativa Treat yourself to 3 grams of mouthwatering  flavors and an energizing mental boost from this Cart. With its uplifting and motivating effects, Pink Lemonade is ideal for stimulating productivity, creativity, and mood.


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