Blueberry Cookies Cake Delta 8 2g disposable

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Blueberry Cookies Cake Delta 8 2g disposable

Blueberry Cookies Cake Cart 2g Delta 8 Vape is a potent 2000mg of Delta 8 goodness, combined with the rich and deep flavor of blueberries in a draw-activated and sleekly designed package. Blueberry Cookies is known as an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is sought after for its berry bouquet and medium level of sedation. This disposable vape comes pre-charged but contains a port for recharging. As a veteran in the game, Cake third-party tests all of their products to ensure you’re getting clean and verified Delta 8 THC

Blueberry Cookies Cake Cart Features

Cannabinoid: Delta 8 THC Terpenes: Botanical Derived Spectrum: Full Spectrum Amount: 2ml Form: Disposable Effect: Indica
Blueberry Cookies Cake Cart diposable

3 reviews for Blueberry Cookies Cake Delta 8 2g disposable

  1. Jay

    The cart is made with 100% delta-8 THC distillate, which is a milder form of THC that provides a more mellow high.

  2. Tommy

    The Blueberry Cookies strain is known for its sweet and fruity flavor, and this cart does not disappoint.

  3. Mercy

    I found that the Blueberry Cookies cart helped to relieve stress and anxiety, and it also made me feel more relaxed and sleepy.

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