Cake Cart AK47 Delta 10 Disposable Vape | 2g

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2 Grams of Delta 10 per Disposable
AK-47 – SativaPerfect for on-the-go use

AK47 Delta 10 Disposable cart | 2g

AK47 Cake Cart Delta 10 Cartridge 2 gram – a game-changing addition to your smoking collection! With its high Delta 10 THC content, this ultra-potent cartridge promises an intense and long-lasting experience like no other.

Crafted from premium cannabis flower and extracted with extreme precision, this cartridge is sure to elevate your smoking session. Ideal for solo smoking or sharing with friends, t
So, are you ready to savor a delicious and powerful experience?

AK47 Cake Cart Flavor Profile

Sour and earthy with a sweet floral undertone


Sativa dominant hybrid
Unknown cross between Mexican, Afghani, Thai and Columbian varieties

AK47 cake cart

5 reviews for Cake Cart AK47 Delta 10 Disposable Vape | 2g

  1. Jane

    I love the energizing and uplifting effects of this cart. It’s perfect for when I need to get things done.

  2. Manny

    pleasantly surprised by how energizing and uplifting the AK-47 cart was. It has a bright, citrusy flavor with just a hint of spice.

  3. Great

    the cart helped to improve my mood and creativity.

  4. Unix

    Passed my purity test so I’m definitely giving them 5 stars

  5. Jack

    Delicious flavor

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